Recently I’ve been talking a lot about stage fright and sharing with you some practical strategies to help you overcome any anxiety you might feel about speaking in public. Well this week, I’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with the very lovely Kasia Olszko, mindfulness teacher, coach, expert and Founder of Mindful Workshop, to discuss …

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Manage stage fright

3 Simple Steps to Overcome Stage Fright!

Last week I shared with you my Number 1. Strategy for Combatting Stage Fright! If you missed it … DON’T PANIC …there’s a link at the bottom of this post that will take you straight to that video. Today though, I want to share with you another, SUPREMELY POWERFUL STRATEGY TO BANISH YOUR NERVES … …

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The Most Effective Technique to Combat Stage Fright!

Do you struggle with your nerves? Well if you do, then trust me, you’re not alone! I’ve been asking people within the Communication Campus community to share with me some of their biggest communication challenges, and it seems “Nerves” or more specifically “managing nerves when it comes to public speaking” is one of the biggest and …

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Master your Message – Package it!

Happy Friday Everyone! Here is the last step in the 4-Step Formula; Master Your Message. Now that your message is beautifully defined, strategically positioned, powerfully refined, it’s time to Package it; crafting your message into a compelling narrative. While you’re completing this last step,  make sure you have your Objective in front of you. So write it …

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Master Your Message – Refine It.

Welcome to Part 3 of Master your Message, let’s dive straight into the next step – ‘Refining it’. This week brings together everything you’ve learned so far, helping you refine your message with clarity and simplicity so that you can start to craft your communication, whether that be a pitch, presentation or even a piece …

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Master your Message – Position It

Here’s a question for you… Do you ever feel like when you’re talking about your business, products or services, your audience isn’t fully listening, they’re just not really “getting it”, that despite your best efforts and endless enthusiasm, you just can’t seem to captivate their imagination and make your message land? Well if so, this …

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Master Your Message – Define It.

Welcome to the first of the 4-Part ‘Master Your Message’ series… Defining it! Or put simply, working out exactly what it is you’re trying to say! I use the word ‘exactly’ because I want you to be exact. I want you to be as specific as possible when working out what you’re trying to say …

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It’s Time to Fall in Love with Your Message!

Happy February Folks! Finally, it’s arrived! February is upon us. Valentines Day is drawing near and I’m playing matchmaker! I’m dedicating all of this month to helping you fall in love with Your Message, because, if you want your audience to love what you have to say, then you’re going to need to love it …

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The Secret Formula to Super Charge your Stage Presence.

What makes a brilliant public speaker…natural born talent or a learned skill? Have you ever wondered what ‘stage presence’ really is, why some people just have it and others, well…just don’t!   Have you ever found yourself wondering why some people are better communicators than others? Why, when some people talk, others listen? Wondered, how …

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Happy New Year. Happy New Blog!

2018 has arrived and so has the brand new, Communication Campus Blog! And we’ve got big aspirations for both! Five days in, and I hope you’re all ready storming into 2018 with passion, focus and an abundance of energy to go after your goals this year. And speaking of goals, we’ve come up with three …

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