Manage stage fright

3 Simple Steps to Overcome Stage Fright!

Last week I shared with you my Number 1. Strategy for Combatting Stage Fright! If you missed it … DON’T PANIC …there’s a link at the bottom of this post that will take you straight to that video.

Today though, I want to share with you another, SUPREMELY POWERFUL STRATEGY TO BANISH YOUR NERVES … FOR GOOD!

In this week’s video, I’ll be sharing with you a very simple, three-step formula that you can use any time you’re about to speak in public. It’ll take you less than five minutes. It can be done from absolutely anywhere and I guarantee it will have you walking on to your stage, whatever YOUR stage looks like, with more confidence, more control, and more composure than you’ve ever experienced before!

Please don’t let your nerves cripple your ability to communicate effectively.

Your voice really is your gift. It’s precious and unique and powerful and it deserves to be heard… Loudly – Clearly – And CONFIDENTLY.

Watch this video and learn what it takes to say goodbye to unwanted nerves.


And once you’ve watched the video,  join the conversation and tell me…

What is your biggest fear when it comes to public speaking?

As you might have already guessed, the Communication Campus is all about communicating, so don’t be shy, leave a comment below and I’ll be listening.

Warmest wishes,
Christina x

PS. Do you know someone who struggles to manage their nerves when it comes to public speaking, well if so, share this video with them and let’s make their voice mighty too!

And as promised, here’s the link to last week’s video – My Number 1. Strategy for Overcoming Stage Fright!

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