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Turning Pro – Your Pre-Talk Checklist!

When it comes to a successful talk, preparation is everything. I’m not just talking about rehearsal prep here, although obviously that’s crucial, I’m actually talking about the technical preparation. This is the kind of preparation that separates the professional speakers from the amateurs ones.

As you gain more experience and momentum as a speaker you’ll hopefully be invited to speak in front of larger audiences, at larger venues with larger production infrastructure. This is brilliant as it means you can leverage all that tech to make your presentation or talk even more amazing. However, you should also be aware that with more technology comes more opportunity for ‘technical curve balls’ to be thrown in your direction, curve balls that have the potential to derail your talk, which is precisely why I’ve created a ‘Pre-Talk Checklist’ so that you know exactly what you need to do before you start your talk.

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Stay Grounded …

You’re standing backstage waiting for your name to be called out. You’re up next – you feel a bit sick! There are over five hundred people in the audience waiting to hear you speak. You’re clear on your message. You’ve prepared, you’ve rehearsed and now it’s time. This is a massive opportunity for you. The stakes have never been higher. You know you need to nail this. Then you hear your name, you hear the applause, and in an adrenaline-fuelled haze, you walk onto your stage.

Let me share with you what needs to happen next because what happens next is everything. What happens next will set the trajectory for your entire talk, so we need to get this right.

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Top 10 Do’s on Public Speaking

For some people public speaking comes naturally and effortlessly – these people are the lucky ones, because, for a great many more, it simply doesn’t. It can be terrifying, anxiety-inducing, and often when it doesn’t go well, humiliating. It’s hardly surprising then, that so people spend their entire careers and lives trying to avoid speaking in public. If you’re someone who struggles when it comes to standing up and communicating in front of a live audience, whether that’s an audience of one, one-hundred or one-thousand, here are the ‘Top 10 Do’s on Public Speaking’, practical tips you can start applying straight away to dramatically improve your confidence and competency as a public speaker.

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